2018 Events

Summerfest - Milwaukee, WI - Performing up and down the waterfront on festival grounds most dates from June 27th - July 8th

High Noon Saloon - Madison, WI - July 26th

Bristol Renaissance Faire - Nazario Chickpeazio is returning to perform most weekends for this year's Faire from July 14th through September 3rd. Come find him on the faire grounds!

The Cheel - Thiensville, WI - August 4th

Tamarind Tribal Union - Milwaukee, WI - August 11th

UW - Whitewater World Music Festival - Whitewater, WI - September 18th

Monona Market - Monona, WI - October 14th

Whitewater City Market - Whitewater, WI - Performing September 18th and October 16th

His Story

Nazario Chickpeazio has a steadily growing reputation for his wide variety of original music, sometimes bright and cheerful, sometimes melodic and entrancing. His musical approach is to incorporate a multitude of styles into his sound, so no genre is off-limits. He plays many different instruments, mainly Oud, Lavta and Flute- but he is also skilled with the Sitar, Baroque Guitar and Afghan Rabab. His musical inspirations range all the way from Classic Rock and Bluegrass to Spanish guitar and Tibetan Ceremonial music.

Nazario has been delighting audiences all across the United States for the past 30 years and has plans of touring Worldwide in the near future. His music has been featured in two of Tamarind Tribals Bellydance DVD's and he has performed live at World Music Festivals, Renaissance Fairs, City Markets, Theatres, College Campuses, Restaurants and Weddings. He has shared the stage with many well- known talents; including Evan Christian (Flamenco Guitarist), Carlos Adames (Percussionist) and Daryal Kafkasso (Guitarist).


  • Oud
  • Lavta
  • Vocals
  • Flute

Thomas Moore aka Nazario Chickpeazio

(828) 215-9839

510 E. Garfield Ave; Milwaukee, WI 53212

Nazario Chickpeazio's self-titled physical album is here!

Originally released digitally in 2016, Nazario produced "Nazario Chickpeazio" again in Spring 2017. You can purchase a physical copy from us at our live shows or purchase and listen digitally on our Bandcamp page. Shipping a physical copy is available, please contact Thomas Moore here for information.

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